The Third Board of Directors Meeting


Mr. Duan Qiang, Chairman of Beijing Tourism Group and Mr. Adrian Zecha, founder of Aman Resorts as well as cofounder of General Hotel Management together with Ms Duan Weihong, founder of Great Ocean Group and director in general of Kai Feng Foundation attended the Third Board of Directors Meeting of Ahn Luh(Beijing) Hotel Management Co.,Ltd. on January 17th 2013.

In the meeting, the achievements made by Ahn Luh in terms of brand promotion, business development as well as the establishment of organizational chart since the second board of directors meeting and especially since the foundation of the company in October 2011 were unanimously appreciated by all the members of the board.

The board appointed Ms.Shi Lei as the supervisor of the meeting, Mr. Akira Moreno as the CEO of Ahn Luh and Mr. Zhang Jiang as the corporate secretary.

Mr. Adrian Zecha pointed out the following in the meeting: The idea of creating Ahn Luh is raised by none others but Chairman Duan. This idea is in accordance with his theory of going in the same track with international standards while establishing a national brand. That’s why we say the concept of Ahn Luh originated in the spirit of passing down the essence of Chinese culture. With this in mind, it is incorporated with international standards while not doing the simple replication. Ahn Luh should possess both exceptional site and brilliant design. The design that can’t well convey Ahn Luh’s concept stands no chance of being different and unique. In the near future, the arrival of the first several, especially the first Ahn Luh hotel will be crucial in a sense that it will be model or a level of standards for the development of future Ahn Luh hotels. For sure, it will arouse the interest of relevant sectors in China as well as the whole international community.

Ms Duan Weihong pointed out: The fact that Great Ocean Group invested in Ahn Luh is a perfect demonstration of inheriting the culture by architecture and writing history by culture, concept raised up by the group. Thanks to the international standards and perspective of the shareholder in Singapore, Ahn Luh attaches greater importance to the to the essence of Chinese culture, the soul of Chinese culture as well as its cultural characteristics. Every Ahn Luh resort is a place where our hearts repose and where brilliant Chinese culture and modern technology meet.

Chairman Duan’s conclusion in the meeting: As created by three influential companies both at home and aboard, Ahn Luh(Beijing) Hotel Management Co.,Ltd. should definitely has the vocation of inheriting the very essence of Chinese culture. This explains the meaning of Ahn Luh’s concept and Ahn Luh’s characteristics as well as the potential of upgrading it into a unique company in every sense of the word. It is our responsibility and mission to create and nourish a Chinese hotel brand enjoying an excellent international reputation. Ahn Luh brand’s development can only be realized with the support and assistance of the whole society. We are very delighted to see there’s an increasing number of institutions and entrepreneurs having the same dream of inheriting Chinese culture from an international perspective. Ahn Luh’s concept can only be fulfilled by cooperating with these kinds of insightful institutions and entrepreneurs. Ahn Luh should be a platform where elements comprising the ideology of Chinese service such as international standards, local characteristics and the principal of value for money meet. The ideology of Chinese service is not limited to a conduct of delivering service with Chinese characteristics, it is a service system brought to the attention of the whole world based on the domestic demands of Chinese market. Therefore, the ideology of Chinese service is not a concept based on one thought. Its procedure of creation is international while its achievement gained should be Chinese.

We also see the attendance of Mr. Zhao Guoqing, chairman of Ahn Luh(Beijing) Hotel Management Co.,Ltd. and its vice chairman, the cofounder and CEO of General Hotel Management Mr. Hans R.Jenni as well as director Akira Moreno, director Mr. Fu Tianzhu and director Mr. Luo Zhen to the meeting