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Qiandao Lake
Located at Chun’ an County in Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, Qiandao Lake is 129km from Hangzhou to the east and 149km from Huangshan to the west. It is the back garden of Yangtze River Delta region and features the world’s the largest number of islands in a lake and is named because of 1078 green islands. It is worthy of the name “the most charming water under heaven”.
Route A: Meifeng Island, Ostrich Island, Dragon Island, Monkey Island, Peacock Island
Route B: Central Island, Bird Island, Lock Island, Snug Island, Dragon Mount Island
Route C: Mishan Island, Heaven Pond Island, Xianshan Island, Sweet Osmanthus Island

Lion City
Located at the center of Jiangjia Town, where Chun'an county government has implemented the "One Lake Two Towns" strategy, it focuses on creating the Qiandao Lake Cultural Tourism Center. Lion City revival is based on the underwater ancient 1400 years old culture life, unparalleled health environment, world-class natural landscape, rare underwater city, leading a new high-quality leisure experience, It features the Qiandao Lake Cultural landmarks, unique one-stop tourist resort destination and is a bustling commercial ancient street, memorial gate culture museum and the most prosperous underwater ancient lion city.

Longchuan Bay
Longchuan Bay Scenic Area is located in Southwest lake area of Qiandao Lake and is 42km from downtown Qiandaohu Town, only about 40 minute’s drive by Qiandaohu-Fengkou Highway. The scenic area covers an area of 2.31 square kilometers. The islands of various sizes scattered around and the zigzag branching streams have composed the fantastic scenery of “islands in lake, lake in island” of Longchuan Scenic Area. It is the only lake-type wetland in Qiandao Lake. Various kinds of programs are offered combined with wetland eco-tourism to provide a diversified characteristic tourism experience, including water world, outward bound, fishing in wildness, bean curd workshop, tea house, fishing in troubled water and experience with ploughing. 

Qinchuan Ancient Dwelling
Qinchuan Village is located in Langchuan Village in Chun’an County of Zhejiang Province with a history of over 750 years. At present, the village has over 500 households and over 1900 populations. It is so far the most populated and concentrated administrative village in Chun’an County. The whole village is in the form of a belt and stretches about 1km from northwest to southeast. A east-west river divided the village into two halves from head to the end of the village. Overlooking from top of the mountain, the whole village presents shape of Chinese character “王” along the river. The earliest ancestor of Qinchuan Village Wang Yin moved to Yueshandi from Rujia in late Song and early Yuan Dynasty. Then his son moved from Yueshandi to Qinchuan Village after grown-up. At present, the village still preserves a large number of ancient dwelling houses built in Ming and Qing Dynasty.  

Ten miles corridor orchard
Located at Jiangjia Town Chun'an County, picking items provided all year around, July and August abounds with peaches and bayberry. Farm chicken feeding at the same time, visitors can experience the fun of catches. Orchard also equipped with small rock climbing facilities.

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